• office trailers
  • flowback tanks
  • boiler blowdown tank
  • 175KW generators
  • manifolds
  • 100KW quiet twin pack generator
  • fuel trailer
  • flock tanks
  • combo unit
  • fuel skids
  • mixing bins

Oilfield Equipment Rentals for Southern Alberta

At DRV Transport & Rentals Inc. we understand how a broken down generator or flowback tank can cause unacceptable delays – costing you time and money. That’s why we carry a wide range of high-grade rental options, at affordable rates, to keep your Southern Alberta oil company running optimally. Being in business for over 30 years means we understand, and embrace, the importance of being able to quickly adapt to the changing needs of the industry. Our affordable rental options include:


  • Flock tanks
  • Flare tanks
  • Premix tanks
  • Wheeled office trailers\ Wellsites
  • Fuel skids
  • Lumber
  • Access / rig Matting
  • Light towers
  • Generators
  • Pipe racks
  • 400\1000 BBL tanks
  • High sided shale bins
  • Low sided shale bins
  • Trash pumps
  • Boiler blow down tanks
  • Flowback tanks
  • Frac manifolds
  • Stadium lights
  • Glycol heater
  • Combo units

DRV Transport & Rentals Inc. – Recognized by Alberta for our Commitment to Safety

Running an oilfield company means navigating the many industry safety hazards in a responsible manner, and that’s where we can help. At DRV Transport & Rentals Inc. we are committed to the safety of your team. We only supply reliable, up-to-date rental equipment. Our trained staff not only delivers the necessary rental equipment quickly and professionally, but we’ll make sure everything it set up in a safe and optimal manner. And, we’re available 24/7 to answer any questions or safety concerns about the equipment. We’ve proud to be partners in Alberta’s Partnerships in Injury Reduction and we’ve received our Certificate of Recognition from the province.




400\1000 BBL Tanks

Shale Bins


Light Towers


Glycol Heater


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