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Oilfield Trucking and Hauling Services in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Western USA

Reliable transportation for your oilfield equipment and vital supplies is imperative to keeping your oil and gas operation running smoothly.

With over 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, DRV Transport & Rentals Inc. is your safe and reliable choice for your oilfield transportation needs. You can trust our experienced riggers with over-sized and expensive equipment. We offer the following trucking and hauling services:

  • Texas beds
  • Big beds
  • Pilot cars
  • Highway trucks
  • Winch tractors
  • Variety of trailers
  • Hot shot service

Safe and Reliable Transportation for Your Alberta or Saskatchewan Oilfield

Mechanical problems, delays, and inexperienced riggers slowing down your supply lines can grind your oilfield operation to a halt. At DRV Transport & Rentals Inc. we provide more than just reliable trucks. Our riggers are highly experienced and well trained. When you bring DRV Transport & Rentals Inc. into the fold, you’re teaming up with an industry leader in safety and reliability. We’re proud to be recognized for our:

We’re also registered under ISNetworld, which is a business-to-business network listing our safety, quality, insurance, and regulatory background for oil and gas companies interested in our services. So check out our profile on their site, or give DRV Transport & Rentals Inc. a call today to learn more about our commitment to quality, reliability, and safety for your trucking and hauling needs.


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